Friday, August 1, 2014

Candy Wrapper Dress at the State Fair

As requested (after my Notice post)...I am still here; we'll see how it goes.

We went to the State Fair on Sunday July 20. The temperature was a pleasant 83 degrees. Adam was able to get the day off. The evening crowds reminded us why we had never chosen to go to the fair on the weekend before. Happily, it rained, which cut the crowd down to a doable size. Adam said that it sent the meaner looking people packing.

Monday morning, the news reported that we had record rain for July...
fractions of an inch.

Sadly, I do not have any family picture to share with you. I was planning to take fun photos in the evening, but forgot the camera.

When we arrive at the fair in the morning, we always head first to the livestock area where the smell of hay and animals, along with the young children looking so fresh and wholesome displaying their animals, evokes State Fair nostalgia.

The craft area is another morning stop. There we saw a Candy Wrapper Dress.

Chainsaw Art
Love the smell of that fuel and sawdust.

We work up an appetite waking about, and then we eat. We always pack a lunch, chairs, and blanket for a picnic on a patch of grass under the trees in the parking lot. After our picnic, we go home for a rest and maybe a swim before returning to the fair in the evening.

 Although I have not pictures to show for it,
it was a very happy day.

Back from my recent 9-day trip. I missed my family and am very happy to be home again. Bill and the youngest three met me at the airport upon my very late/early arrival at 12:00 A.M Thursday morning. What a beautiful sight they were!

Both Adam and Lisa spent that entire evening here at home. Everyone was so happy and chatty that it seemed like a holiday.

Only one day of work, and the weekend lies before us. It is good to be home!


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    1. Yes! You know how in movies someone grabs another person's clothing and it rips way too easily, such as ripping off a sleeve? With this dress, you would want to stay away from grabby people. :)